Repair & Overhaul Management

It is only through extensive experience & personal involvement in tens of thousands of parts relating to repair & overhaul; we know how to handle the turn-key administration of your components on a case to case basis; whether we are researching available PMA parts to reduce a cooling turbine overhaul by $7,000 USD; or aquiring serviceable GYRO's when the market allows to reduce the costs of IRU repairs by over $20,000 USD.

When it comes to custom & mandatory modification; we find the right non-OEM partner to aquire the neccessary piece parts, but not at OEM standard parts & labor costs.

Long standing relationships, continued business, & the significant amount of repair work we contract enables us quantitative discounted pricing from our MRO network.

Combined with our Exchange Pools, Spare Parts, & Logistics Solutions; we will enable your fleet to maintain the highest levels of operational readiness.

  • We utilize in-house & historical data of average costs, actual costs, estimated TAT's, actual TAT's, along with quality audits on every MRO provider that we track perpetually
  • B.E.R. Analysis: As a supplier, we know the market costs to replace components in SV or OH condition. For components close to B.E.R., we communicate live market pricing of outright replacements
  • Guaranteed Turn Times
  • Proprietary Processes
  • Cost Reduction
  • Release Certificates IAW FAA/JAA
  • Increased Efficiency
  • AOG Repair & Exchange Options
  • Comprehensive Shop Visit Reports
  • Over 300,000 Capabilities

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